Kerri-Anne Swanepoel
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On 30 September, UP’s Ovuwa Cultural Ensemble captivated its audience with what is regarded as a stunning performance. Musaion was used to showcase the event of the year with a mixture of South Africa’s diverse culture as the voices of UP Ovuwa filled the room.

PDBY spoke with Luthando Maphanga, the 2023 chairperson of UP Ovuwa, about the importance of Heritage Day and the message the public should receive. Maphanga commented, “Culture is very beautiful. Why not celebrate the diversity of our culture as well?” This concept was a message for all people, especially minorities, that South Africa needs to join in celebration. For Maphanga personally, the importance of Heritage Day is knowing your identity, embracing  other people’s identity, and understanding and learning about other people’s cultures.

UP Ovuwa sought to raise cultural awareness through the ensemble. The university should be commended for having this ensemble that allowed everyone to celebrate their identity.

Maphanga said, “The best part of the event for me personally was the energy, the emotion, and the spirit behind the people present. The spirit of community we were trying to give to the people. I am glad that organisations like the South African Disabled Musicians Association (SADMA) are realising that the University of Pretoria provides for African culture. It has been a great experience. Also being exposed to such an industry has been our dream.”

According to Ovuwa, “the next step is to explore the world. The dream includes travelling the world and showing them that Africa is beautiful, that we are an African family, and that we love one another. Ovuwa wishes to convey that energy to everyone around them.”