The SRC election season has begun and the UP student body will elect a new SRC executive for 2022. The ten portfolios in the SRC can be contested by any student if they so wish, however candidates are urged to follow the standard operating procedures as set out by the Constitution for Student Governance (CSG). The comprehensive management plan with dates and times has been issued in this regard.

Michael Makobe has been appointed as the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of the Independent Electoral Committee (IEC) and he can be reached at 071 200 2381 and via

Students 2021 SRC election season begins who wish to run for office submitted their nominations on 27 August, and the campaigning and election period will commence in the online format introduced in 2020.

A special feature will be published in PDBY with candidate information, and campaign manifestos will be covered on social media platforms. TuksFM will also feature election and campaign information, and university social media accounts will be used to assist running candidates reach the student body with their manifestos and election debates. But some traditional methods for campaigning will also be allowed.

Keep up to date with PDBY as we follow the election period at @PDBYMedia

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