The society aims to educate members about the process of wine making, the wine industry and also the history of each bottle and what went into it before it reaches your glass. It also promotes a culture of responsible drinking.

Registration was buzzing with students who were excited to get their first glass of wine. Whether those in attendance like red, white, or something a bit sweeter, there was something for everyone. A great social atmosphere filled the event as usual. One lucky member won a bottle of wine for answering a spot question about South African wine.

If you love wine or simply love to socialise and meet new people, the Wine Tasting Society is a great place to do so. The first wine tasting will be on Tuesday 17 March. With a limited number of tickets going on sale, it is a first-come-first-served basis at around R30 per ticket.

If you missed registration, you can register in the week of 16 March at the Wine Tasting Societies office in the Vygie building at the Prospect Street entrance. The Wine Tasting Society has been shortlisted by the university to be shut down but they hope a large membership will deter the decision

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