The Student Disciplinary Advisory Panel (SDAP) is a student body that aims to protect the interests of students who have been accused of or charged with misconduct. The SDAP, which has been in operation since 2012, consists of a group of law students who assist accused students to understand the charges against them. However, the SDAP does not have the capacity to represent students in a hearing or to give legal advice. This student body has the capacity to explain the disciplinary procedure followed during disciplinary hearings, to help students to prepare for their respective disciplinary

 hearing, and to conduct follow-ups on accused students who have come to consult with them. In 2015, the SDAP joined with the Law Society of Northern Provinces. Stephen Baubeng-Baidoo, the deputy-director of the SDAP, says that reason that the SDAP has a contact from the Law Society of Northern Provinces is to assist students who cannot afford legal services, especially students with extreme cases. The SDAP is situated in the Roosmaryn building and students can consult with them during office hours during the week.

The Constitutional Tribunal is UP’s student governance judiciary that is independent, impartial and objective. The tribunal comprises of a chief justice, deputy chief justice, registrar, and various judges. The tribunal acts as a type of court for students and it is also the guardian of UP’s Constitution for Student Governance. The functions of the tribunal are to protect the rights of students, to resolve disputes that arise between students or disputes between students and a student organisation, to conduct investigations on alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct, and to serve as a student member on the Committee for Discipline. The Constitutional Tribunal also allows students the opportunity to institute proceedings. These proceedings can be instituted by contacting the registrar. Unlike the SDAP, the Constitutional Tribunal has the capacity to offer advice pertaining to the rights of students, and it also conducts disciplinary hearings. The Constitutional Tribunal is available to all students and is situated in the Roosmaryn building.


Illustration: Jackie Zhang

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