Thanks to social media, television and those who have come and conquered university before us, we have a lot of myths misunderstood as truths and truths misunderstood as myths when it comes to university life, especially as first years. But which is which? Perdeby has gone myth-debunking by asking university students from around the country what they considered mere myth or the total truth.


1. You’re going to go out all the time, like it’s vac 24/7

It is common belief that university is just another way of saying vac.With all those fun snapchats and Instagram posts you see all the time from literally everyone you knew in university, it isn’t always too hard to believe. But is this true?


Only 23% of hardcore students swore this as truth, with the other honest 77% admitting this to be a mere myth.


2. Lecturers are really chilled compared to teachers

Social media has recently become obsessed with lecturers’ overall chill in comparison to high school teachers who, well, had much less. But is this just another myth to get hopes up?


82% of students ruled in favour of lecturer chill as truth with only 18% disagreeing.


3. You will become best friends with your roommate

Having a roommate is a pretty common part of university life. And becoming best friends with your roomie could seem possible thanks to friendships like Ross and Chandler from Friends, or Ted and Marshall from How I Met your Mother. But should you start making friendship bracelets just yet?


54% of students debunked this one as a myth. But who knows, you could make up the 46% who did find their bestie through sharing a room.


4. If you did well in matric you’ve pretty much already passed first year

You’ve probably heard this one from a few teachers who tried to make you feel better about going into the dark abyss of work that is university, but should you begin to relax just yet?


A whopping 85% of students called this one out as a myth, with only 15% (who may well be geniuses) agreeing.


5. First year spread

Putting on weight is probably the only thing first year’s fear more than their grades plummeting. But should it really be feared?


Only 31% of students (who must be super-humans) survived first year spread, with the human 69% considering it the stone cold truth.


6. Everyone is single at university

It certainly seems like it in movies, but how true is it?


Only 17% of students found this to be true with 83% debunking this one as a mere myth.


7. Students really are as poor as they make it seem

When you’re not a student, it seems like all students can complain about is how little money they have. But are we really that deep in the financial struggle?


80% of students backed the struggle of being a student as truth, while a miraculous 20% must have found money somewhere between all the textbooks and varsity fees

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