The topics dealt with in UP theatre production Dammed Up are those discussed around many South African dinner tables. With the Soccer World Cup just around the corner and all the baggage that comes with hosting such an event, people may need to take a step back and take a deep breath. This is exactly what director Zwelakhe Mtsaka and his cast have succeeded in doing.

The production was created through a process known as workshopping. This collective process is commonly used by groups in theatre to create a new play (mostly through improvisation) which discusses timely issues. This process is much faster than the traditional way of writing a play individually.

In Dammed Up, the thoughts and views surrounding the World Cup are expressed. Themes covered include having confidence in one’s own beliefs, culture versus constitutional norms and religion versus nihilism. This show proves that such serious topics can be treated in a light-hearted manner and that social satire makes for good entertainment.

The focus of the play is the unity of South Africa through diversity amongst its people. However, it also emphasises the role negotiations between people play in the greater scheme of achieving this unity.

Dammed Up is currently showing on campus at The Masker Theatre until 24 April, with tickets at R30 for students and R35 for adults.

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