TuksSquash is one of the many sporting clubs at the University of Pretoria to experience success in recent years. Most recently, TuksSquash came second overall at the USSA (University Sports South Africa) tournament for 2017, while the UP ladies team were winners of the women’s section. The club provides athletes with access to world class training facilities at the High Performance Centre (HPC), as well as programmes for individuals of various competency levels. In addition to this, the club accommodates non-competitive players by organising internal league tournaments throughout the course of the year.

The club has arranged for an internal league championship to take place from 26 July to 21 September. The league will be hosted across seven courts situated on the UP Sports Campus, and will welcome existing and new players. The event will be focussed on creating a friendly squash environment. In addition to creating such an atmosphere, the league is organised to preserve the culture of social squash at the club. Apart from regularly hosting tournaments across the TuksSquash calendar, TuksSquash encompasses both junior and senior programmes, catering for all ages and levels. These programmes include sessions directed towards establishing the fundamentals of training by providing athletes with a scientific support system to achieve their individual goals. Junior programmes include a beginner (intro) programme, an intermediate (junior elite)programme, and an advanced (high performance) programme. Senior programmes consist of a full-time academy programme. TuksSquash regularly allows both local and international players to join the various club programmes for the purpose of developing individually tailored training sessions. The club offers accommodation and boarding to competitive players.

Through the various programmes offered by the club, TuksSquash allows all interested players the opportunity to seek out their individual objectives. When in South Africa, a number of players from WISPA (Women’s International Squash Players’ Association) and PSA (Professional Squash Association), are included in the TuksSquash Academy Programme.

Following the July, August and September internal league scheduled this year, a Tuks open tournament is scheduled to take place towards the end of September, while a TuksSquash High School Festival will be scheduled for 13 to 15 October. As many clubs do at the University of Pretoria, TuksSquash places its athletes at the focal point of the club. The remainder of the year will be aimed at establishing an efficient support base and a platform for athletes, all for the purpose of allowing those who want to take part in activities at the club the opportunity to attain their varying personal milestones.


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