TuksNetball remained unbeaten in Varsity Netball this year en route to the Varsity Netball final. They played North-West University (NWU-Pukke) on Monday 17 October inPretoriatin a bid for the title. The game was very close and by half-time UP-Tuksewas trailing by two points with a score of 25–27. The players fought back and the score was tied at 42–42 by the third quarter. It was a tense last quarter, but despite their best effort, UP-Tuks lost by a single point in the last minute of the game. Despite this loss, the players never lost their spirit and continued to cheer and congratulate their opponents in a great display of sportsmanship. To end off an exciting match and tournament, UP playerMarlize de Bruin was chosen as player of the match.

TuksNetball proved that they were ready to fight for their spot in the final of the Varsity Sport Netball tournament after beating Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU-Madibaz) 87- 22 in the semi-finals on Monday 10 October

TuksNetball went through eight rounds to make it to the final. UP beat the University of the Free State 62–41 in round one and the University of Stellenbosch) 65–48 in round two. The ladies competed against the University of Cape Town and won 55–35 in round three, and then went on to beat North West Universit) in round four in a close encounter that ended 52–48. Round five brought victory against the University of Johannesburg with a score of 66–42. The winning streak continued in round six when

 UP beat NMMU-Madibaz in a 64–38 victory. They did not compete in round seven, but went on to beat Vaal University of

 Technolog) with a score of 91–24 in round eight before beating the NMMU-Madibaz once again in the semi-finals.

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