TuksDance performed at the Cansa relay in Bedfordview on 3 October in light of Cancer Awareness Month. Seven dancers were accompanied by their two teachers from Pretoria, who are both cancer survivors, to participate in this momentous event hosted by Leeuwenhof Akademie. They performed eight dance styles throughout the evening including cha-cha, rumba, jive, boogie, and sokkie, during which they invited cancer survivors to get up from the audience and join the fun. The relay took place from 17:00 to 06:00 the following morning.

People from all walks of life entered teams into the relay, and all proceeds went to the Cansa Foundation. The only rule is that a member from each team must be on the dance floor at all times. The Cansa relay is in memory of those who have lost their lives to cancer, in support of those fighting cancer, and in honour of those who have won their battles against cancer.

Chantal Potgieter, a former member of TuksDance and the event coordinator, made it clear that TuksDance strongly believes that giving back to the community is a vital part of dancing and any sport. Potgieter placed the evening into context, saying, “The evening proceed[s] from dusk to night [symbolising] how a cancer patient goes from a light place in their life as they are cancer free into a darker place as they find out they have cancer. The struggle through the night against the cold and sleep symbolises a cancer patient’s struggle through chemotherapy, dealing with cancer and ill health. As the evening turns into dawn it symbolises how a cancer patient goes into remission and sees the light at the end of the struggle just as you see the sun come up.” The dancers themselves said that they thoroughly enjoyed the event and were willing to participate in it again.

This event was one of the many that TuksDance has participated in, and they plan to continue their participation in such events by igniting the uniting power of sport.


Illustration: Aaisha Kallier

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