The new range is guaranteed to have a great influence on the progress of TuksArchery, as it allows the archers to practise outdoor distances, varying from 15-90 metres. The range will be host to all TuksArchery’s World Archery sanctioned competitions, as well as home to a monthly outdoor league shoot.

Having a permanently laid out range at Tuks has attracted more experienced archers, as it is one of the only two outdoor ranges in Gauteng. “The greatest achievement we can hope for is to develop the sport of archery and to assist our top archers [in] achieving excellence at international level,” said Moulden. TuksArchery already have five archers who have earned their Protea colours.

TuksArchery is hoping to further develop the new range, which will be funded by events that they host. Other developments such as establishing a clubhouse, shading for summer practices and lighting for evening shooting are high on TuksArchery’s priority list. They are also striving to further develop the sport of archery by hosting a monthly league shoot, a school league, coaching courses did open days. As a club of roughly 60 members, which was only established five years ago, TuksArchery seem to be making great progress. Their next event the South African Indoor Nationals, will be held in the Rembrandt Hall in October and will be televised by SuperSport.

Image: Charlotte Bastiaanse

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