Matt Milton

TuksArchery is the fastest growing archery club in the country. According to TuksArchery Secretary Alex Mauldon the club’s membership has grown from just three members to 30 in a years time. Graeme Lindner, TuksArchery Chairperson Jae-Hong Min, TuksArchery Treasurer Heather Mallory, and Connor Mauldon represented the club in the South African National Archery Championships at Rhodes University last week.

“We’ll take at least two gold’s this time, maybe three,” said Min. “I feel quite good [about] it and Graeme is in good form.” When asked about their chances, Head Coach, Ria Kaal said “I’m expecting the best, what else?”

Linder, founder of the club, is a former student at the University of Pretoria and currently has Provincial colours in archery. Although no longer a resident in Gauteng Lindner still represents TuksArchery when competing.

Min, a fifth year medical student at Tuks, has been shooting for three years. According to Min there is a lot of potential amongst the new members, adding that “[in] three to four years we’ll have good archers.” Min hopes that Tuks archers will be able to attend the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Ms. Mallory has been a member of the club for 18 months but has only been shooting for the last nine months. Having started as a junior, Ms. Mallory was already an experienced archer and record breaker before joining the club. Deterioration in her left eye forced her to switch stances and relearn shooting with her left hand.

Connor Mauldon, son of Mr. Mauldon, is a 15 year old student at the Pretoria Chinese School and has South African colours in archery. Connor has been doing archery for four years and is currently the highest ranking member of the under 17 Cadet Division. Connor is also the current holder of all the Cub records in the country. The young Mauldon is the only recurve archer in the country to have qualified for the World Indoor Tournament, which will be held in South Africa this October. He will also be competing in the Commonwealth Games in Poland in August of this year.

The Gold Squad are archers who are allowed to represent South Africa in International competitions and Connor has already become a member.

Coach Ria has close to 30 years coaching experience and is supported by Johan Steyn. Mr. Steyn is said to be the best archery coach in the country. “We’re aiming to be the biggest successful archery club in South Africa,”” said Coach Ria.

All members of TuksArchery follow an international curriculum set out by the Federation Internationale de Tir a l’Arc (FITA), the Olympic archery body, and are therefore able to participate in sanctioned competitions.

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