Despite all the fun, there is one regret I have about my first year – I didn’t take all the opportunities offered to me. I let opportunities to get involved in my residence, department, faculty or a society, sport or student structure pass me by and with that, numerous experiences and friends. The now perceptibly empty year culminated in acceptable grades, one close friend (who dropped out after first semester) and a rather embarrassing role in a Serrie band. This led me to be super frustrated and quite lonely, so much so that I strongly considered transferring. Fortunately, I realised it probably wasn’t my location but my attitude that was limiting me.

Second-year came and I threw myself into every situation possible – some things I had done before and others I had only ever dreamed of attempting. I became a member of every residence committee and activity possible, joined Perdeby as an Entertainment journalist, picked up dancing again and ran for HK. My friendship circles expanded by miles and I achieved so much more than I ever could have foreseen. My life has been crazy for the past two years but I would never have had it any other way, as in the craziness was this extreme love for and excitement about everything I was doing.

I start my honours this year and my varsity experience so far has been the best thing ever. I would encourage you all to push the boundaries of what you think you are capable of. Start something new, join a group that lets you explore your passion but most importantly, never be afraid of trying something just because you’ve never done it before. You may have the undiscovered potential to be our future SRC president, the next UP Tuks-1 netball captain or you could even have your face here one day.

You’re about to start the best years of your life. Don’t let it pass you by and enjoy every moment.


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