The guest speaker, Prof. Kopano Ratele, was given an opportunity to present his views on the topic. The discussion was then opened to the floor to encourage an open dialogue between the audience and the guest speaker. Students and lecturers shared their comments and raised questions concerning transformation in and outside the university. Third-year political sciences student Prince Mudau said, “The launch of transformation talks by the Faculty of Humanities mirrors a positive step towards engaging in this sensitive, complex and demanding project of transformation. However, progress towards redressing past imbalances depends on the participation of both students and staff.” Prof. Ratele also agreed that transformation talks are important in academic institutions. Prof. Ratele said, “The imperative to transform is unavoidable in South Africa. Black students, women [and] the disabled are alienated in the classes where they teach [and] where they learn, so we want to create a space where all students feel that there is an equal opportunity to learn.” The co-chairperson of the Faculty of Humanities transformation committee, Prof. Christi van der Westhuizen, confirmed that the committee aims to host four seminars on transformation at UP as the second semester progresses.


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