On the page, easy access to the library, UP web and Tuks google account are available on the top left. The student will then have to fill in their username, which is ‘u’+ their 8-digit student number and their preferred password to login. The homepage of the portal is made up of portlet blocks that all give access to different services. The most used and important portlet is the ClickUP homepage, this is where information relating directly to student modules and student courses is posted. The page contains different module folders where announcements regarding those particular modules, the faculty, and course are made. This is also where assignments are posted, marks are updated, lecture slides, worksheets, tutorials, consultation hours and venues for tests among many other things are found.

The student centre can also be found on the portal. Here a student can access their academic information, finances, residence data for those who stay in a campus residence, personal and contact information. A special timetable portlet block provides personalised timetables for all students. Hatfield Campus lecture timetables and Examination, Supplementary and Test timetables are available here. There are also general announcements, a university news section and school calendars on the portal.

Also found on the portal are other useful portlets such as password self-service where students can change and update passwords, and the Tuks-Print portlet where printing services are placed.

Information on how to use the Portal is available on the portal home tab and for any queries on the portal, students may contact IT Help at 012 420 3051 or email ithelp@up.ac.za.