1. Save electricity by turning off every single light near you. Like, always. Who needs to see where you’re going? Girls dig guys with good night vision and/or bruised shins.

2. Take part in clinical tests. Not only do you get a free medical check-up, but you also get to make a little money out of it. You might get injected with a sample of the herpes virus, but hey, at least it was free.

3. Work where you shop. Employee discounts are not a myth, and you can save time by spending the money that you earn immediately!

4. Collect water on campus. Most students understand all too well the perils of a high water and electricity bill. Instead of using the tap at your flat, why not bring 5L water bottles to campus and fill them up in the bathrooms? It’s a great way to get something back after those all tuition fees you’ve paid.

5. Wash your clothes while you shower. If hauling empty bottles to campus isn’t your thing, doing laundry in the shower is another great way to save water (and time).

6. Alternatively, don’t do laundry at all. Let’s face it: nobody actually likes washing their clothes, so why bother? Washing powder is expensive, and no one really notices that salty sweat smell on your clothes anyway.

7. Do one of your friends/relatives have a big birthday coming up? If you don’t have money to buy a gift, steal something they already own and re-gift it back to them. They’re guaranteed to love it – why else would they own it in the first place?

8. Walk everywhere. Who needs to pay for petrol or public transport when you have a perfectly good pair of legs that can carry you literally anywhere you want to be? Sure, it might take several hours to reach a destination that you could have reached in a few minutes if you drove, but you’ll have super strong leg muscles and a killer tan as a reward.

9. Collect every 5c piece you see lying around on the sidewalk. A woman picked up loose change for a year and bought a decent second-hand car with the money – the possibilities are endless.

10. Swear off all technology. Data and internet charges are just extra expenses that aren’t really necessary. Send one last mass-Whatsapp to your friends telling them that they can only reach you via snail mail from now on. It’s cheap, and totally hipster.

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