1. Make a parody video. We haven’t seen a good one of Ylvis’s “The Fox” (just a hint).

2. Form a protest group. Pick the most bizarre cause you can think of. If that’s too much trouble and you’d like to join a ready-made one, there is an anti-balloon society in Canada.

3. Start a cult. Protests are too boring for some people, so why not go the extra crazy mile?

4. Comment on a News24 article. Get popcorn.

5. Record yourself singing “Wrecking Ball”. Set it as your roommate’s ringtone. Phone them nine times in a row.

6. Memorise Beowulf. See how often you can use lines from it in conversation.

7. Learn how to moonwalk. Never exit a room another way.

8. Eat banana chips. Realise they’re not healthy and worry about getting fat.

9. Start a fight in the Square. Tell someone from Boekenhout that someone from Taaibos said he looks fat from all those banana chips.

10. Join Perdeby. The chances that you’ll get anything else done are slim. 

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