1. Coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore. When this happens, we recommend Red Bull with your morning cereal.

2. You eat chocolate all the time. And not just a small piece. Those super-sized slabs were made for a reason.

3. You’re always grumpy. Those people who walk slowly through the student centre have always been annoying, but now they give you heart aneurisms.

 4. You want every night to be Thursday. There’s not enough vodka in the world.

5. Your emotions are so out of control that even you can’t keep up with them. You’re either laughing hysterically or sobbing uncontrollably, sometimes at the same thing.

6. You read the comment section on News24. Every now and then you have to remind yourself that there are crazier, sadder people out there than you.

7. You become scarily spontaneous. That backpacking trip through Siberia sounds good, doesn’t it?

8. You remember that spontaneity is for people who have time.

9. You’re actually wondering what the signs of a breakdown are. Let’s face it, happy people don’t do that.

10. Every day is a bad day. We’d like to tell you there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re not sure.

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