Who? The Rescu (no, that’s not a typo: it seems this band is cool enough to drop the“e”) is one of the newest acts to hit the local music scene. According to their website, the band was formed “by accident” in 2010, when Mike Vaughan, Graham Lowndes and Brendyn Rossouw came together to play at a small club in Cape Town with Stealing Love Jones. What was supposed to be a once-off gig generated enough hype,to convince the trio to continue playing together. Having already played alongside established local acts such as Just Jinger, Foto Na Dans and The Dirty Skirts, it seems they’re already making their mark on the South African music scene. Their self-titled debut album was released last month.

What’s it like? The band’s website promises “a mighty drum sound, powerful bass lines, massive guitar tone and dynamic vocals”, which the album certainly provides. Their sound is commercial and radio-friendly but there are one or two tracks, such as the opening song “Miracle”, which offer something a bit more edgy.  The band lists U2 as one of their influences and this shows in tracks like “I Did It For You” and “Sharpville”, featuring guitar riffs reminiscent of U2, and “Beautiful Life”, which showcases Bono-esque vocals.

What’s good about it? The album is well-produced; the sound dynamic. The Rescu has successfully managed to find a balance between creating diversity in their music and presenting a unified sound.

What’s bad about it? The band seems to want to avoid deviating too far from what is commercially acceptable. This results in some ill-chosen effects on Mike Vaughn’s voice in the bridge of “I Did It For You” – thinkCher in the 90s. In addition, the lyrics become somewhat generic in places, which is disappointing when songs like “Sharpeville” are so well-written.

The verdict? All in all, a great debut album. If you’re a fan of U2, give it a try. Also, if you’re a fan ofCher’s vocal effects. Regardless, expect to hear these guys on the radio.

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