SIAS COETSEE Full-time Mamelodi students rejoice. On August 4 2009, TuksRes officially opened its brand new residence Naledi – which means “star” in Sesotho. The new residence, which is compromised of 30 flats, each with three bedrooms to be shared by two students, is planning to accommodate a total of 180 students. It is situated in the Savannah Crescent Security Complex in Pretoria East. Naledi is an apartment block made up of three floors. It has a laundry room, computer lab and a large parking area. Each apartment is equipped with kitchens,  shower- and bathrooms. Naledi was built with the idea to house students studying the four-year BSc programme and who attend lectures at the Mamelodi Campus of the University. There is also a transport system between house Naledi and the Mamelodi Campus. The first residents had previously been accommodated in Glaskas and Pastorie which use to be the three-in-one residence with Nerina. These residents stayed for the duration of 2008 and then moved into the Naledi block in January 2009. Its management structure consists of living-in house parents, a building supervisor and an elected house committee (HK). Naledi appears to be a double-room equivalent of TuksVillage – which may be more cost-effective to live in. This residence also alleges to provide a more academic environment where students can achieve their academic potential in peace – as the house-motto states: “where stars are made and taken to the top”.

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