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A new bar is opening next door to Latino’s Bistro, on what many are referring to as “the Lynnwood strip”. The Grind bar and eatery has been born out of necessity, as The Grind radio was in search of a new home.

The Grind radio was located at Arcade Empire, and then moved their studio to Open Window with plans to expand. With the moving, founder and station director Jarryd Wood decided that The Grind radio needed a permanent setting, something they could call their own. Wood came together with a friend, Raynard, and the two decided to create a new place to host The Grind radio. In an interview with Perdeby, Wood spoke about the inspiration behind The Grind bar and eatery, “the idea was, a band comes in, does an interview, chills and has a few drinks. So that’s how it all started.”

The new studio for The Grind is in a familiar space. Moving in to the location previously occupied by Drink Inc, Wood and Raynard had the building completely redone. Filthy walls replaced with sleek black tiles and a dancefloor surrounded by graffiti of Homer Simpson and Rick Sanchez, The Grind bar and eatery is a colourful and creative space. With the studio for The Grind radio stationed beside the dancefloor, Wood hopes to bring back the social feeling of the radio station, and to create a sociable environment. “We were at Arcade, and had been at Aandklas, that setting of being in a sociable environment where you could hear guys chatting or having a shooter, that really appealed to listeners.”

Wood and Raynard hope to cater to a mix of different patrons. The Grind has brought in chefs from Box Car Deli to cater their food, with a menu filled with good quality and affordable options. During the day they hope to host a laid-back environment where patrons of all ages are welcome. At night, The Grind hopes to attract and cater to students and patrons that enjoy loud music, offering affordable drink prices and hosting some live performances. When it comes to the music, Wood says to expect something different, “it’s not just house nights every single night, with beats in your face. It’s got to be something different.”

The Grind will also host different events during each week, with Saturdays aimed at accommodating rugby fans, Sundays reserved for fans of the English Premier League, and their own quiz night on Wednesdays. With the 2018 Soccer World Cup approaching, The Grind hopes to provide a space for fans to gather and watch games.

The Grind bar and eatery is set to open in the beginning of June.


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