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What is the Green Route Project?
The Green Route Project is an initiative of the University of Pretoria (UP) which aims to enhance the safety of UP students on the Hatfield campus. UP security officials can be contacted to accompany students and staff in and around campus, to their residences, or to their vehicles.

How does it work?
When leaving the campus and heading to your residence in Hatfield, you have the option to use the Green Route Project. To use this service, simply approach any UP security guard and request an escort.

When is the service provided?
The Department of Security Services organises and provides security services throughout the year, with the emphasis on protecting students from danger when walking to and from their residence, vehicles, or nearby places. Students can be escorted from 18:00 to 06:00, seven days a week. Students who need the services can approach any security officer for assistance, and he or she will be escorted.

Do’s and don’ts of using the Green Route Project

Don’t use the service for convenience purposes. Request the service if you are on campus late at night, such as at the
library, and need to get to your residence safely. The service is not to be used to escort you to a club or restaurant at the Strip.
Don’t give the security escort your personal belongings, such as books. They need to have both hands available to use radios or weapons if a threat is present.
Don’t meet your security escort if you are overly intoxicated. An Uber or car ride would make for a more comfortable and safer experience, as an intoxicated person is an easier and more vulnerable target.
Don’t arrive late for your appointment. The security escort may have other clients waiting.

Do observe the security escort’s uniform. Ensure that they are wearing an official University of Pretoria uniform
before walking with them.
Do greet your security escort and converse with them. It will make the walk more comfortable.
Do answer texts or calls while waiting for your security escort. They may want to inform you that they are slightly running late or may ask you to confirm your location.
Do thank the security escort when you reach your destination. They put themselves in danger to keep you safe.

Safety of the Green Route Project
The project is safe, and no complaints or problems regarding the service have been reported so far. The security guards from the UP Department of Security Services are obligated to carry out the service with integrity and behave in a manner that will bring a sense of security to the students who are being accompanied.
However, if you encounter any troubling behaviour while using the Green Route Project, contact the 24-hour Operational Management Centre at (012) 420 2310/2760 or 0800 747 747 regarding the matter.