On Thursday night hundreds of students took part in the University’s annual Big Brag. For the sixth year in a row all the residences and day houses gathered in the square to see who has the most spirit.

This year Vividus mans and Magrietjie only managed to come in third place, while Lilium and Taaibos took second. The winners of this year’s Big Brag was Klaradyn and Sonop.

The judges were looking for the participants with the most enthusiasm and crowd appeal this year. A total of 14 teams and their mascots participated in this year’s Big Brag.

Participants were also judged on their creativity, use of time and their overall performances during the night. After the judging had been completed bands such as Saarkie, D-siblime and Zinkplaat entertained the crowds.

DJ Euphonik also made an appearance and held a battle of the DJ’s on stage. Other festivities of the night included screaming competitions and the announcement of the top jock of Tuks.

Duane Henn, representative for Studentsport, said that he really enjoyed the bands and the performance by Euphonik. He added that he was very happy with the way Big Brag went and feels that everything went smoothly because of all the work that went into preparations.

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