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Since we are all on a little break at the moment, we at Perdeby, decided to compile a list of the best local series to binge-watch, to help you find something to fill up that glorious free-time.


Tali’s Wedding Diary
This series is available on Showmax and sports a familiar face, Julia Anastasopoulos who we remember as Suzelle from SuzelleDIY. The series follows the life of Tali and Darren as they plan their wedding in an eight-episode mockumentary series. The editing and camera work give this show its flair, uniqueness and contributes greatly to its success. The comedy is similar to The Office or Parks and Recreation, so if you enjoyed them then this series is definitely one to consider.


Rich Kids
This series is recommended for when you want to escape those last few days of the month when your wallet has become deserted. The series follows the lives of Mzansi’s elite, wealthy, young people and is available on Showmax. It stars a few, unforgettable personalities such as Nape Phasha, a political science graduate who sports designer sneakers while co-managing his record label, Cutthroat Entertainment. Immerse yourself in lavish living and glamour while enjoying this series.


This Afrikaans series is also available on Showmax and is similar to Tali’s Wedding Diary as it is also a mockumentary. Between all of the dry and bad jokes, this series succeeds in being hilariously funny. The plot revolves around the hotel manager, Ferdie Kruger and his staff, attempting to save and improve the old, run-down hotel from closing its doors. The characters are all misfits who contribute to filling your heart with warmness by the end of the series. Here is a fair warning though: you won’t be able to stop watching the episodes.


Point of Order
This series was the 2017 SAFTA (SA Film and Television Awards) winner for Best Game Show and its first two seasons are currently available on Showmax. The series is a light-hearted parody of the South African parliament. The award-winning comedian, Tumi Morake, presides as Madam Speaker, while the ‘government’ and ‘opposition’ panels comprise a rotation of comedians. The show consists of many different segments that tests the comedians’ improvisational skills and ability to think on their feet.

We hope these shows will bring you some escape and relaxation during the holiday while supporting our local television industry, because local is lekker.

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