KATLEGO MKHWANAZI                                            

First year can be tricky, depending on how one approaches it. This is why the university has put structures in place to help students adjust to their new environment. This disproves the myth that “no one cares in varsity”.                                                                                      

Being a first year in res can be terrifying because you’ll be in a new environment and at the bottom of the food chain. Even orientation week may have you feeling like pulling your hair out, but it is all there to inform you on how things are done in res and at university. It’s also there to facilitate academic achievement, social integration and to help you develop social skills.

The House Committee (HK) is responsible for orientating the first years.

“We would like to build well-balanced, strong ladies with character,” says Nyasha Kuzinya, Asterhof’s Primaria. Kuzinya encourages first years to volunteer for res activities and to manage their time effectively.

A first year guardian (Ienkvoog) is allocated to the first years, to offer them guidance and support.

“We want to be an approachable HK to help the guys grow and become gentlemen.”                                                                                                 says Anru Liebenberg, Mopanie’s Chairperson.

If res life is really getting you down, there is always Student Support. Structures like these are there to help students with emotional support, study methods and career guidance. “Bel vir Bes” is a term most res students should know. This lady will help you any time of day with any trouble you may experience.                                                                                             

The TuksRes family is one that promotes academic growth and upholds eight values, one of them being excellence. Prof. Roelf Visser, Director of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, deals with res placement, finances and food services. If you want to be sure of res placement, you best get on his good side.                                                                   

Like many other institutions, Tuks has a Student Representative Council (SRC) that manages student matters and represents the interests of the students. There is a portfolio on the SRC dealing with res related matters.

However, Tuks isn’t all about puffy eyes and burning the midnight oil. The university also encourages students to enjoy student life. Student Culture (Stuku) is one of the organisations that make sure students have fun. Stuku organises various cultural activities like Ienkmelodienk, a song-and-dance show performed by first years during orientation week. They also host Serrie and Serenade competitions which are open to all res students.

TuksRag (“Reach out and Give”), a fundraising and community service organisation, is responsible for events such as Rag Week and Spring Day. 

There clearly is a lot to do at university – all you have to do is to get involved. First year can be your best year ever. It all depends on what you do with it.

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