The bus service, which took students to and from Hatfield campus for free, was implemented using funds from the UP transport department.

The bus service previously operated just in the evening. This allowed students to commute from Campus House in Sunnyside to Hatfield campus. Despite the buses operating during the afternoon, students mostly utilised the buses during the evening.


Stephen Maifo, a second-year electrical engineering student who used the buses frequently, said that many students used the buses in the evening, especially during the 19:00 timeslot. Ratlhogo said that the buses were “sufficiently utilised” and that students mostly used the buses in the evening because they were familiar with those timeslots. Overall, Ratlhogo believes that the bus service was a success as, “The SRC believes that any opportunity to deliver a much needed service to students should always be considered a success.”


Ratlhogo said that the SRC was proposing means by which the bus service could become permanent, saying, “The SRC is working on a proposal that seeks to see the bus service becoming a permanent feature. The SRC recognises the vast number of student coming from Sunnyside/Arcadia and therefore addresses the issue within the proposal.”


Photo: Stefan Stander

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