The University of Pretoria has a variety of support services available on campus.

Various development programmes are available to ensure that all students have sufficient reading, writing and analytical skills for academic progress. UP devotes a lot of attention to academic literacy, which caters to the diverse backgrounds of the Tuks students. For enquiries and assistance, students can visit the Student Affairs Building room 2-13 or call 012 420 2333. The mentorship programme available in each faculty is another initiative aimed at providing students with academic support. Mentors complement the tutorial classes available for most modules which a provide an in-depth covering of the relevant work.

In addition to academic support, Student Affairs houses departments for career guidance, emotional support and the Unit for Students with Special Needs.

• Career guidance aims to give support to uncertain or undecided students with regard to their future prospects, while qualified psychologists and social workers will assist any who find themselves in need of emotional support.

• The Unit for Students with Special Needs allows students with disabilities access to academic material in a convenient format, and regular consultations with departments and faculties. They also have the option of being allocated a place in wheelchair-friendly residences. Students can contact the unit on 012 420 2582 or 012 420 4281.

• Qualified medical doctors and nurses are available on campus at the Student Health Services (SHS) Building to assist students with any medical issues at no extra cost. The SHS includes a voluntary counselling and testing clinic for confidential HIV testing and counselling at no charge to students.

• Of utmost importance is the 24-hour Crisis Line that caters for after-hours needs or emergencies: 0800 006 428 and 012 420 2310.

Photo: Bonita Lubbe

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