How do they work?
Firstly you need to go for a screening for them to evaluate your problem and then determine what course of action should follow. Screening times are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 08:00-11:30 and on Tuesdays and Thursdays

 13:15-15:30. After a screening they will refer you to a workshop, a therapy or support group, or a psychometric, career or psychological assessment.

Why should you go?
If you experience problems related to academics such as study habits, finding a tutor, module changes and readmissions, you will be referred to your Faculty Student Advisor (FSA).

For emergencies, you can reach them via their 24-hour crisis service number 0800 006 428.

Their services are also free to registered UP students.

Even though being a student is very enjoyable, your student years may still be stressful. Physical or mental illness can take its toll on you and adversely affect your studies. The SS staff want to assist students to find solutions to their problems and reach their full potential.

Where is SS situated?
– Groenkloof campus – On top of the cafeteria

– Hatfield campus – next to the Student Centre and opposite the Tukkiewerf entrance.

– Mamelodi campus – Education Building

– Prinshof campus – Pathology Building

Student Health Services (SHS)
SHS provides basic medical services to all registered UP students. Their staff is made up of fully qualified and registered healthcare professionals such as doctors, professional nurses, trained HIV counsellors as well as a dietician.

What services do they offer?
– Primary healthcare and doctor’s clinic

– Health education and promotion

– Screening and monitoring of chronic conditions

– Reproductive clinic (family planning) and female health

– HIV/Aids voluntary counselling and testing (VCT)

How do they work?
The SHS clinics function on a walk-in basis, however, you should be mindful of their office hours to avoid being disappointed. Call the clinic ahead of time to confirm the times that they will be able to assist you.

You will consult with a qualified professional who will examine, diagnose and treat you or give a prescription if need be. If they are unable to treat you, they will refer you to a relevant clinic, specialist, hospital or other institution. Even though the service is free because it is deducted from your annual tuition fee, students will be responsible for any other costs that

 they may incur, such as filling prescriptions or consulting with a specialist. Remember to take your valid student card with you when you go for a consultation.

Why should you go?
If you do not wish to consult a doctor at a private practice, using the student clinic is a convenient alternative. The staff at SHS is qualified and professional and will be able to offer the same services as any private practice.

When asked about the importance of SHS third-year education student Leandrie Oosthuysen said, “It is very helpful that the university offers these services, especially for the health of students who don’t have access to an outside clinic.”

Where is SHS situated?
– Groenkloof campus – Room S14 in the Sports Building

– Hatfield campus – The SHS Building on Roper Street

– Mamelodi campus – Education Building

– Onderstepoort campus – Arnold Theiler Building

– Prinshof campus – Pathology Building

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