The circus for study finance and treasurer took place on Thursday 20 August 2015 and the circus for transformation and student success took place on 27 August. A procedure similar to that of the first round of the circus was followed. The voting for the new SRC will take place on Tuesday 1 September. The polls will be open from 08:00-20:00. The venues for voting are the IT building, the Aula and the Piazza on Hatfield campus, the Rembrandt Hall on Sport campus, the Registration Hall on Mamelodi campus, the Arnold Tyler building on Onderstepoort campus, the HW Snyman Building and BMS foyer on Prinshof campus, and the Cafeteria on Groenkloof campus. Each person has 10 votes, one per portfolio. There are 10 portfolios and the person with the most votes in each portfolio will be elected for that portfolio. The person with the second most votes for president will be deputy president and the person with the second most votes for secretary will be the deputy secretary. After voting closes, the votes will be counted and audited and the preliminary results will then be announced. This is due to take place on the morning of 2 September, but may be later if the counting and auditing is delayed. The provisional results will then be open for objections. Any objections will be addressed and the results will then be finalised and published. After the results have been cleared, an announcement will be made in the Piazza.


Photo: Staff photographer

Video: Mothusi Masibi




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