Social media has become one of the most lucrative ways of making a living. During the pandemic, the one thing that occupied a lot of empty time was social media. The rise of social platforms, such as Tiktok and Twitch, was due to the countless hours people spent creating and consuming exciting content. The students at UP are no different. Now, it is time to introduce a few fellow UP students who are succeeding on social media.

YouTuber: Mitch Williams

Williams is a YouTube vlogger who has documented his journey at UP from his first year in 2018 to his fourth year in 2022. Williams is studying Computer Engineering, and his studies make up a massive part of his channel’s content. The rest of his channel is a mixture of fun daily vlogs about what he is doing in his life as a varsity student. It is incredibly enjoyable to watch first-year Williams transform into final-year Williams, especially because you can see his journey as a student pre-COVID, during COVID, and post-COVID. His content brings about a sense of nostalgia about personal growth during his time at university.

Another thing that makes Williams’ channel great to watch is how open and honest he is about his degree and UP in general. He has videos explaining what it is like as a Computer Engineering student and does not sugar coat his experience. A highly recommended video is Williams’ Computer Engineering Students Give Recommendations and University Advice where Williams also collaborates with Computer Engineering to give advice and hard truths. A comment left on this video says “as a non-computer engineering student, I can still appreciate and take away the informative harshness of the video. People know that engineering is complex, but seeing fellow students giving the information that we all wish we had before picking a degree is nice.”

If you want to join Williams on this fun, informative journey, his channel is called Mitch Williams.

Tiktok: Makabe Tsolo

Tiktok was the unforeseen front-runner app of 2020, and since then, it has only gone above and beyond expectations. Makabe is an example of how to capitalise on the success of an app. He has a Tiktok account with relatable content, social commentary, and dances, and what adds an element of relatability, is how often main campus is in the background of his Tiktok dances.

He has enticing content and upcoming influencer energy. His social commentary, especially on UP fashion, provides amusement that captivates the audience. The comment section is a commentary on campus outfits and what is considered too much for campus.

Makabe’s Tiktok handle is, and he has 15.2 thousand followers and 1.9 million likes. His highest video
has 1.3 million views, showing the level of engagement with his content.

Instagram: Lingling

Probably one of the more well-known people on this list is Sally Lin or better known by her stage name 6lingg, who is not only a UP student studying Information Design, but is also a host, promoter, and model. Her Instagram page is influencer based with gorgeous outfits, shoes and make-up looks, while featuring celebrities from Ricky Rick to Nasty C.

6linng has been known to perform at local clubs such as The Social Club and ZanZou. However, that is not all 6lingg has to offer, she has also begun her Piano Desk by LingLing series: where she puts people onto new Amapiano music while sitting at her desk. Looking at the story highlight of Piano Desk, it is encouraging to see her filming herself doing something which she obviously enjoys.

Piano Desk also features unknown artists, who send their music to her to promote. She has been involved in
Instagram lives with other influencers, such as American influencer, Mansa Mayne, who currently resides within
South Africa. She also works with brands on her page and posts relatable reels with voiceovers featuring South
African music. This makes her page feel authentically South African as she embraces the culture of both her Chinese and South African sides.

When scrolling her page, it can be seen that she wears UP merchandise in and around Hatfield Campus while poking innocent fun at UP. To support Lingling and her budding career, follow her @6lingg and join her 93,2 thousand followers.

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