On Monday 6 February two bicycles were reported stolen on Hatfield campus. The thief was caught on the surveillance cameras tampering with the combination lock of one of the bicycles, and then riding away on the stolen bicycle a few minutes later. The thief returned the following day and attempted to steal another bicycle, but an undercover security officer caught him in the act and arrested him.

The culprit was not a Tuks student and managed to enter campus while it wasn’t necessary to swipe your student card at the turnstile gates.

Mr Rowan Watson, Manager of Investigations at Campus Security, told Perdeby, “The thief was charged with attempted theft and trespassing.” Watson explained that the thief admitted to having stolen two bicycles, as well as being a drug user. He reportedly stole the bicycles to “feed his habit”. The thief was sentenced to 18 months in prison by the Hatfield Community Court.

Colin Fouché, Director of the Department of Security Services, encouraged students to use a U-lock when leaving their bicycles on campus, and stamp their student numbers on their bicycles.

“Students are also urged not to open pedestrian gates for any person claiming to be a Tuks student, as this was how potential thieves gained access onto campus,” says Fouché.

He explained that most crimes on campus are “opportunity crimes fostered by negligence”.

Students who witness a crime can report it to the 24-hour Operational Centre on 012 420 2310/2760.

Photo: Kobus Barnard

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