Generally known as one of the best unsigned bands in South Africa, Cape Town-based Captain Stu is eagerly promoting its new album, The Adventures of Captain Stu.

The band’s alternative urban sound is saturated with an eclectic mix of ska, rock and reggae. Incorporating these various influences into their music, Captain Stu is a five member group of dedicated musicians with loyal, country-wide fan base. James Klopper is on vocals and guitar, Ryk Otto on drums, Matt Willis on trombone and keyboard, Ryan McArthur on bass and upright bass and Jon Shaban on saxophone, guitar and vocals.

Earlier this year, Captain Stu entered the Virgin Mobile “Road To V” competition, which saw them working with many of the industry’s top professionals as well as performing at various shows in Cape Town and Johannesburg. They also performed at the Coca-Cola Dome where they shared the stage with Maroon 5 and One Republic.

Their new and much anticipated album, The Adventures of Captain Stu, has a fresh and sharpened sound that is receiving praise throughout the music world. The first single off the album, “The Journey”, reached no. 2 on the TuksFm SA Top 10 Chart and no. 4 on the MK University Chart.

The music video for the album’s second single, “More than Friends”, reached no. 5 on the MK Top 10 SA Music Video Chart. “More than Friends” is catchy and highly representative of the group’s light-hearted sound. The band says that “the song is a good way of summing up what we as a band are about – musically, and as people”. You can go to YouTube to view the video.

The group’s third single off the album is “Shake”. This new jam is edgier than the other songs on the album. The song consists of a fast, almost relentless energy and a lot of attitude – a factor lacking in many of their previous songs.    

For more information on Captain Stu, or to find out where you can catch them live, visit their MySpace or Facebook pages.

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