Jacques Horn
Having been active in cycling for the last eight years, this will be the third time that Horn will be representing Tuks at the championships. Last year Horn finished ninth in the event. Horn will be the team captain for the 2015 men’s team.

Elmari de Wet
Elmari de Wet is currently studying engineering and has been sponsored by Demacon for two years. Elmari has represented Tuks at the USSA National Student championships once before where she finished 4th overall. Elmari will be the team captain for the 2015 USSA National Student Championships ladies’ team. Elmari has high hopes for a podium position at the 2015 championships.

Christoff Dames
Dames is a third-year LLB student. He is currently cycling for Select Cycling and this will be the second time Dames represents Tuks at the championships. Dames will add great value to the team on the flat roads and his experience will help the team achieve their goals.

William Mokgopo
Mokgopo is studying BSc Sport Science. This 23-year-old has been racing professionally for two years for the Kargo Pro Mountain team and has represented South Africa on four occasions. This will be the first time that Mokgopo will represent Tuks at the championship road event. In 2014 Mokgopo achieved a top ten finish in the USSA National Mountain Bike event.

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith began cycling in 2011. This will be the third time that Smith represents Tuks at the USSA National Student Championships. Smith will bring a lot of experience to the ladies’ team.

Edwill O’Neill
O’Neill began mountain biking at the age of 16. He was part of the ASG PY-Cycling Academy during 2013 and 2014, competing in the MTN National Mountain Bike series and the Nissan Mountain Bike series. He has also participated in the Gauteng North Cross Country series and SA Cross Country series. This will be O’Neill’s first time participating at the championships. He will be vital to the team when it comes to the big climbs.

Hein Badenhorst
Badenhorst is a 23-year-old biokinetics honours student and currently rides for the Tuks USSA team and the Europcar Academy. This will be the third time that Badenhorst will represent Tuks at the championships. He will bring a great amount of experience to the team.

Illustration: Faith Honey

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