You performed at Oppikoppi last year. – Have there been any developments in your musical career since then?
That was my favorite gig ever. So much has happened since then. Most of it is still to come in a public way though. We’ve spent hours experimenting in studio and I’ve written loads of new stuff. Brace yourselves. 

At the moment most of your music can be comfortably classified as indie. Is this the genre which you have always loved and intended to sing, or is it something that you just fell into naturally?
I have always been the worst at describing my genre, and indie doesn’t really mean much these days, but yes to both. I’ve always loved folk/singer-songwriter stuff, like Glen Hansard and Joni Mitchell. My mum raised me on Vusi Mahlasela, Selaelo Selota and David Gray and my father raised me on Dire Straits, REM and The Clash. It’s all influenced me in different ways and I’ve always loved artists who sound like themselves, not what other people want them to be. The music I make now is shaped by a lifetime of different things, but it’s definitely something that’s changing and shifting as I grow musically. 

Your last album To Risk Our Hearts was released about a year ago. Can we expect another in the not too distant future?
[Yes].I have all this music in my head that needs to be recorded but life keeps getting in the way. That’s certainly on the cards.

We understand that you do most of your own songwriting, which has no doubt has added to your unique identity, is the writing as big of a deal as the performing for you?
Writing is everything to me. I love performing, and I’m falling in love with [performing] more and more but writing is where I’m at home and where I can process things and be creative and alienate my block of flats by singing [until] 2am


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