Following its great success in 1987, Columbia Pictures has remade the 80s classic RoboCop into an action-packed, modern adaption.

The original RoboCop is set in 2014 and is based on a police officer who is critically injured and can only be saved through the replacement of certain body parts with machinery. The police officer continues his work as a virtually invincible law enforcer. Based mostly on the same characters, with a few alterations in the details of the plot, the new RoboCop is not only a touching story, but also a thrill for the senses.

The film is made even more enticing with gripping computer-generated imagery and a setting that is believable yet still evokes the fantastical. While the camera angles are effective in capturing the audience’s attention they do not detract from the great quality of acting – these aspects lead the viewer intensely through every second of the two-hour run.

The explosions and firearm showdowns are proportionately scaled with emotionally enticing scenes, ensuring that a wide range of audiences will enjoy the movie.

Some aspects of the film may make audiences question the director afterwards. The lack in dimension of some characters, such as the antagonist, makes it hard to enjoy the usual action movie ride. The generally softened action scenes will make it difficult for hardcore action lovers to get into jaw-numbing thrills, but for the average Joe the action in the film is adequate nonetheless.

Although the storyline itself might be expected to be a flaccid one, as it was directly built upon the original, it is still an inspiring and emotionally provoking film. With a deeper message easily derived, it makes a good choice for Friday date-night or the biweekly “boys’ night out”.


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