How have you managed to balance your university life with your very busy cricket career?
It’s been very tough. I basically play cricket full time, so I don’t usually have time to attend classes. However, I have a study partner who attends on my behalf, she then shares her notes with me. Most importantly, I manage to write tests and exams and complete my assignments on time.


What made you choose to play this sport in particular?
From a young age the dynamics of cricket, specifically bowling, have intrigued me. I prefer bowling over batting because I get to be more mobile and have more fun with the sport.


How did you feel when you were called up to represent the Proteas in your T20 International debut against Sri Lanka?
I was actually playing in Bloemfontein when I got the call. I was very emotional, nervous and shocked, all at the same time, but overall I was happy. I can actually say I’ve reached one of my milestones in my career.


What has been your greatest achievement thus far?
Apart from receiving the trophy award for the T20 rising star at the Cricket SA awards, It would definitely have to be playing for the Proteas. I think every sportsman would want to represent their country at some point in their sporting career.


What has been the biggest challenge for you in your cricket career?
I’m sure you’d expect one to say injuries for this question, but my biggest challenge is actually time spent away from home. I only get to go home once a year for two weeks in December.


How has your family reacted to all your success thus far?

They are so proud of me. They’ve experienced, first hand, the hard work I’ve done to get here. They’ve seen me practise, exercise and do everything in my power to be where I am today.


What has been the most valuable thing you have learned?
Patience. I’ve learnt to be more patient with myself through tough times at school and through injuries sustained at practice, or on the pitch. I’ve learnt to pick myself up, focus, and soldier on.


Expectations for yourself this year?
Well my ultimate goal is to play more consistently for the Proteas, so that’s what I’ll be working hard toward.


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