The staff at the orphanage formed a line at the entrance and sang to the students as they entered. The children also performed songs for their guests. There was a general atmosphere of appreciation and the children, students and teachers were all thankful for the experience. The residences and TuksRag spent the afternoon at the orphanage playing games with the children. When the time came to leave all the students were greeted with a hug and a “God bless you”.

This short-term project marked the first time in seven years that TuksRag and residences have worked together on a project. Dassie Persaud-van der Westhuizen, the 2013 Rag Queen, said, “This newly developed partnership with Taaibos and Katjiepiering is hopefully the first in many new partnerships forming at the university. We would like to inform the students of the progress we have made so that the whole university will know what Rag is really about.”

“It is what Rag is all about and helps in keeping us humble and appreciative,” Opperman said.

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