When two unbeaten rugby teams in a competition meet, you can be assured that it will deliver a great game of rugby. Sonop faced Morula Legae in a clash that would determine the new log leaders of the res rugby league.

Morula opened the scoring with a successful penalty kick. However, from that kick onwards it would be Sonop constantly attacking and Morula grinding in defence. Both teams made use of tactical grubber kicks behind the defensive line to find space and apply pressure on the opposition. Going into halftime, the score was a mere 3-0 in favour of Morula. During the second half Sonop once again had almost all of the possession and territory but had no points to show for it. The battle intensified with Sonop kicking deep into Morula’s corners to keep them restricted in their 22-metre territory. With five minutes left to go, Sonop finally managed to crack the code to Morula’s phenomenal defence and dot the ball over the line for five points. The match ended 5-3 in favour of Sonop. Hats off to Sonop’s attacking commitment and Morula’s sheer brilliance preventing multiple tries with their accurate defence. 

In the second match, we saw House Mopane take on House Tau. Mopane opened the scoring with a try and took a steady lead of 10-3 into halftime with Tau receiving a yellow card for foul play. After the break, Mopane scored three more tries compared to the one of Tau. To make matters worse for Tau, they received a second yellow card in the second half, resulting in more pressure on their defensive strategy. The final score was 29-10 to Mopane with an impressive five try haul for the victors. 

Thi was another fantastic round of rugby! Round four will resume on Wednesday 19 April after the recess. 

Christiaan Steenekamp
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