Perdeby also had a word with Brett Penfold, chairman of Olienhout.


What are you studying?

I’m studying BSc honours in macro-anatomy.

What are your plans for Olienhout for the rest of the year?

I would like to stay involved with the residence as much as possible, help out the new HK and always keep smiling.

Do you have any favourite residence traditions?

My favourite Olienhout traditions are “Tour de Pub” and “Pa en Seun” night.

What makes you angry?

People who wear Crocs!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

The 2009 Olienhout and Klaradyn train tour!

What makes Olienhout such a great residence?

I think Olienhout is the best residence purely because of the vibe we have. It’s so chilled and mellow and everyone always just wants to have a good time and not take things too seriously. It is a really good thing, because often other residences get caught up too much in the “quest for ultimate domination” and that’s just not cool. Take it easy and keep smiling.

Which girls’ residence is your favourite?

I’m not sure I can really answer that diplomatically without someone taking offense at my answer. Let’s just say that we have no favourites and will always throw any girls’ residence a party to make them feel they are the best.

What is your favourite dish at the dining hall?

I suppose it’s a little like asking which method of torture I prefer most. I think I would probably go with the pork chops with those little pumpkin squares.


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