Dancing teaches many valuable skills such as self-control, posture and grace, coordination and patience. TuksDance offers all of this to students through diverse styles of dance such as ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, Latin and ballroom dancing. Ballroom and Latin dancing are offered on three levels, namely beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each of these levelsare completed over a period of six months with each practice session being approximately an hour long. Ballet and contemporary practices occur twice a week whereas ballroom and Latin practices are once a week. Students may go onto a medal programme should they wish to continue with dancing after they complete the advanced course. TuksDance practice sessions for various dance styles differ from one another. Ballet and contemporary dance sessions work through a routine and perfect the technique of the dance. Ballroom and Latin dance sessions usually consist of the dancers going over several types of dances that belong to each style. Ballroom for beginners consists of learning the Rhythm Foxtrot and the Slow Waltz whereas Latin for beginners focuses on the Jive and Cha-Cha. The dance instructors come prepared to each session with what they specifically have in mind to teach after reviewing steps from previous practices.

TuksDance does not only promote and teach fundamental skills but also helps dancers with health and fitness. According to TuksDance chairperson, Corli Laas, dancing can be considered a “good cardio workout [that] exercises various muscles in the body such as core and leg muscles [and] muscles in the back and shoulders.” Laas added that dancing is also beneficial when it comes to mental health as it can be considered very relaxing and a great stress reliever. Laas believes that TuksDance is a place of acceptance and freedom. “A TuksDance student may be whoever they wish to be”, she added. Furthermore, Laas claims that a dancer can have a wonderful time practicing and relaxing during dance sessions as they get to practice their passion and there is no worry about meeting any criteria. “For most of the dancers, practice sessions are the highlight of their week,” she said.

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