Dilana Robichaux (simply known as “Dilana”), singer, songwriter and runner-up of US reality show Rockstar: Supernova was recently in South Africa for a tour of Gauteng. While in Pretoria, the star visited Tuks and had time for a quick chat with Perdeby.

The internationally acclaimed rock singer is actually a South African local who has travelled the world to make a name for herself. Although she is best known as runner-up on the second season of Rockstar: Supernova, this is not her only claim to fame. She recorded her first album, Wonderfool, in 2000. The album generated 5 singles, and she performed over 200 shows to promote it. 

Singing is not Dilana’s only talent. The star features in an independent film, Angel Camouflaged, a musical drama about a struggling musician. The film is due for release later this year. She also has her own clothing line, distributed by Urok Clothing in the US. 

While in SA, Dilana and her local band, Ghapi, performed at venues across Gauteng. According to Dilana, her shows in the province have been a great success. “Probably one of the best crowds I’ve had in years,” she says of her gig at the Royal Boma in Alberton.

While in the country, Dilana is also doing research for her latest film. Silence is based on a true story about an international child pornography ring. Dilana says she has plans to meet with investigators to do more research on the issue. She will also be looking at locations, as the movie is set to be shot partly in South Africa. Dilana will be starring in, co-producing and writing the music for the film, which will begin shooting in January next year.

Despite having lived abroad for many years, Dilana says she’s glad to be back in the country. “It’s good to see so much development and change.” The star still fits in well in her home country despite her pink and black dreadlocks and American accent. According to Dilana the best thing about coming home is getting her fill of the “local delicacies”.  Interestingly enough, her accent disappears completely when speaking Afrikaans. The star can still pronounce “droëwors” just like a local.

Dilana’s latest album, InsideOut, features No Doubt drummer Adrian Young, as well as Mötley Crüe guitarist Mick Mars andis available for digital downloading. For more information check out Dilana on Facebook, or visit her website,

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