Magrietjie won’t be wearing tight skirts this week after choosing a week of studying over a few nights of drunken debauchery. Pssst… isn’t sure if the girls are still sulking over Serrie or if Rag partners Vividus Men are just that boring.

Speaking of being boring, Pssst… thinks that Klaradyn shouldn’t brag so much. Unless it’s Pssst… you’re talking to, no one cares who or what you did at the Olienhout clubhouse.

Pssst… was shocked to spot a Sonop first year riding his bicycle without a suit. Next Pssst… will hear that Sonop let someone who hoots outside res drive away unpunished or sell their ostrich or driving into walls or something similarly scandalous. Although Pssst… should probably be relieved that the boys are staying away from high-speed chases after that unfortunate car-in-the-wall incident.

Pssst… heard about Jasmyn’s failed attempt at a French cultural evening. Seems like the only thing the Jasmyn girls managed to make French about the evening was the kissing.

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