It seems as though Maroela are no longer interested in throwing a couple of punches at anyone in the parking lot and have focused their attention on the Spikkles instead. Good luck girls. Pssst… hears that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Just ask Nerina, who spent most of 2015 fattening Maroela up. Speaking of moving on up (or not), it seems as though a pair of shoes has become as endangered as the rhinos themselves down at Olienhout.

Pssst… would like to congratulate Sonop on their 100 year anniversary. Too soon? Better luck next year, then.

Pssst… has nothing to say about Zinnia this week, but then again neither do they. Maybe if they competed in “most irrelevant res of the year” with the likes of Tuks Naledi, Inca and Vividus they might actually win something.

In the midst of all the questions, Pssst… has one last one: is it possible to be more over Curlitzia? Achievement is one thing, but Pssst… would rather join Nerina for their Thursday nights in the Brooklyn police cells than witness Curlitzia hop, skip and flash their way to another victory. Oh, wait, they placed third in Serrie last year. Maybe there is hope after all.

Nevertheless, another year of drama and scandal awaits and Pssst… will be here to share it all with you. Seeing as sharing is caring, share your gossip with Pssst… by sending an email to See you all at Rag, lovelies.

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