There was also a first-year soccer tournament and Pssst… was a little disappointed in the turn out. Surely sporting res of the year Sonop could have put a team on? Even Huis Hatfield Studios managed to find a handful of people. Don’t get too excited TuksVilliage, Pssst… doubts they’re going to take your crown of “Almost Res of the Year” just yet.


With the rugby season in full swing Pssst… saw Maroela trying to get early practice for their boksaand on the side of the field. Pssst… supposes it’s a nice change to hear it’s not Boekenhout starting fights. Pssst… is afraid spectating is going to be far more interesting this year. Except for Madelief, of course, who don’t really support anyone and come down purely for a bit of manvang, unlike Erika who seem to be getting really friendly with Olienhout and aren’t afraid to fly their colours.


Pssst… is actually disappointed in Madelief. First they wear jottirs whenever they like, and next the Knolle are invading the surrounding bars. Pssst… is almost more annoyed that there weren’t any seniors out to catch them. Whatever happened to “Who needs to huppel when you can pub crawl?”


Miss Kollege was on again and for the first time in years Nerina actually didn’t win. Pssst… is at a loss for words. Maybe the transition into an “academic res” is complete. This didn’t seem to stop Magrietjie who claimed gold, for the first time in anything this year. Pssst… thought the biggest surprise still came from Asterhof. A Sterretjie placing at Miss Kollege? This must be a sign of the apocalypse. Or maybe it’s a sign that the feud after 2013’s Rag is over. Or maybe it’s just a sign that the trou vroue have got a thing for the Kollege EC. Pssst… knows everything…

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