Then again, this desperation might be because Magrietjie is too busy spending their time with Boekenhout to even notice the Peppies anymore. This seems to be a recurring theme for Mopanie. Pssst… thinks they might have been better off keeping the Brakke company at the Taaibos July, since Pssst… hears things got a bit lonely down at Trademarx.

Olienhout gave a whole new meaning to ons gaan nou braai with their 12-hour-long braai. The braai is apparently a new tradition, which is odd for a res supposedly closing down next year. Pssst… thinks Olienhout is as unpredictable as a medium-rare steak.

In other, more predictable news, Zinnia still can’t keep their hands off of Kollege, Maroela are still binge-drinking their way through house meetings, and Madelief and Erika are still in hiding after their serrie disasters.

Pssst… would like to take a moment to dub Jasmyn the new Huis Hatfield Studios. Congrats Klaradyn on returning to your real res status. Pssst… hopes that this means you’ll return to the Brooklyn Police holding cells soon. Pssst… has been getting lonely.

Serenade season is nearly upon us, which means even more juicy res news,and even more reasons to watch yourself – or you could always watch others and send some res gossip to


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