Zinnia has been leading the teaching campus again. But don’t tell them, the Pixies already seem to think they’re far too important for that place. At least the serrie practices have been fighting off first-year spread, and for that Pssst… thanks you. Pssst… was surprised to hear that Mopanie (aka Huis Ingenieurswese) took time out of their week to get the hours in. Maybe you could take serrie, because Pssst… knows you’re not getting social res of the year.


There are a couple of dark horses on the rise. Olympusseem to be taking serrie quite seriously this year. Pssst… isn’t sure if they want to make a statement, or just shut Curlitzia up once and for all. Pssst… is begging you on behalf of everybody, show the Curlitzia girls how it should be done.


Asterhof are desperate to get hours in, but they can only practice as long as their members don’t start filing noise complaints, something they also do for whatever is left of Square, and the rest of the Melkweg.


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