And speaking of reses nobody actually wants to be around, Pssst… would like to make a friendly suggestion to Erika: if you want people to like you, perhaps you should consider a little thing called smiling. Honestly, Pssst… has never seen so many frowns from one res before. Shame, ladies. It’s probably because all the men’s reses are too busy sucking up to Curlitzia after their Around the World party to even give you the time of day. Erika, Pssst… knows that being ignored can sting, but if you don’t know how to deal with rejection, you can always get some advice from Madelief. Pssst… hears that the Vremies prefer Knolle hearts to Knolle jottirs. Jasmyn, Pssst… is disappointed in you. It seems that the Jasters’ house week went by without Pssst… (or anyone else, for that matter) even noticing. Pssst… understands that it must be tough being the new Huis Hatfield Studios, but really, ladies, Pssst… had such scandalous expectations. Even Katjiepiering managed to muster up some drama at their dinee last week in the form of a theatrical cat-fight (sorry, Pssst… couldn’t resist). Classy, Katte.

Of course, Pssst… can’t sign off without getting a word in about Kaskar. Boekenhout seem to be in hiding after their embarrassing defeat at the event, while nobody actually cares about the fact that Sonop placed first. Pssst… hears that Taaibos pulled in right behind Mopanie, but that’s nothing new.

Pssst… might be taking the week off after Oppi, but Pssst… will be back to report on Serenade (assuming that Pssst… isn’t too hung-over to endure the reses’ caterwauling). In the meantime, send your res gossip to (and sorry, Mopanie, but Pssst… doesn’t tip for tips).

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