On 26 March, Sunset Strip hosted the sixth Voices concert, a locally established event that highlights the best of Pretoria’s creative talent. Voices hosts musicians such as local band Black Toast and solo artist Kim Taylor, as well as poetry readings. The first event took place in 2021 and was initially hosted in various houses and back gardens around Hatfield. Styled as Voices@Sunset, the concert has found a new venue at the Strip.

Since its beginnings, Voices has grown into one of Hatfield’s best-loved and most creative events. Dorothy Mahoko, one of the singers for Black Toast, said about the event, “The vibes are always so good. Voices is just always such a good time.” Her bandmate Megan Norquoy added, “It’s really fun. It’s honestly one of my favourite events I’ve ever played at because everyone here loves music. And as an artist, you’ll sing something and if they know the words, they’ll sing it right back at you.” Commenting on how the event has grown, Norquoy continued, “I think it’s my favourite story – that it started with friends, and now it’s grown to this. And it’s just going to keep going because every time you see new faces… And the fact that it highlights original music is so cool.”

Another voice at the event was Mwamba Chileshe, a poet who has been performing since 2009. He is currently promoting an anthology of poetry titled Our Stories From the Beginning, which highlights South African poets and illustrators. He commented on Voices, “I love the space. I love the people. I love the environment. I love the vibes.”

With comfortable couches and plenty of excited patrons, Voices’ new home at Sunset Strip is the perfect place to support emerging creatives in Hatfield. Anyone interested in exploring Pretoria’s up-and-coming artists should look out for the next event.

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