Alternatively, you can also stare intently at the speaker, nodding when everyone else does, and upon being asked a question, reply with a question. Perhaps state that you are only looking for new opinions to grow your own current opinion, all the while never stating what said opinion is.

There are terms that poets and non-poets alike need to know and fully understand before deciding that poetry and poetry events are not the scene to be at.

Rhythm, or rather Metre, means the flow and the rising and falling of the poem. Just as a dancer would have rhythm to properly convey the message of the dance, a poet needs to add rhythm to the poem. When asked how you felt about the poem, mention aspects of the metre of the poem that you particularly enjoyed or did not enjoy. If you want to sound extra fancy and smart, you could mention the iambic pentameter of a poem. This is when a poem has a line with five pairs of syllables with the first syllable being stressed followed by an unstressed syllable. And lastly, if a poem is short, witty or a pointed saying, you could mention how you enjoyed or disliked the epigram.

You could navigate upcoming poetry events like a pro by using these tips. Some events that poetry enthusiasts could attend are the Spoken Sessions that happen once a month in Hatfield, poetry events that happen in and around Pretoria as well as live sessions that happen every Thursday at Sammy Marks Square.

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