Barend Taute


Just a week after AfriForum Youth circulated their petition to save Rag, Serrie and Spring Day, UP management has notified the Student Representative Council (SRC) that this year’s pre-Spring Day party might be cancelled. On Monday 8 August, UP management informed the SRC that they had to come up with solutions for the issues resulting from last year’s pre-Spring Day party.

UP management say they are trying to prevent this year’s pre-Spring Day party from contravening the Events Act. The Events Act is a document drafted by the government to control events. It demands that certain precautionary measures be taken at recreational events. According to Prof. Roelf Visser, Director of TuksRes, crowd control was a problem at last year’s party. Other problems noticed by UP management were traffic congestion, vandalism and the breaching of the rules pertaining to liquor licences.

On Monday 15 August, the SRC consulted with heads of residences, hoping to find solutions. A final proposal was drafted and handed to the university the following Thursday. The SRC proposed the following:

– To ease traffic congestion: a rotating bus system between female residences, Groenkloof residences and medical campus.

– The sale of “entry tags” to control the crowd.

– Hosting an alternative, alcohol-free event, “Tuks Sokkie”, which would be held in the Rembrandt Hall.

– A cordoned-off, alcohol-free, dancing area with its own DJ in Boekenhout and Taaibos’s parking lot.

According to Katlego Malatji, Secretary-General of the SRC, “This is an amicable solution to the problem and, if supported, there will not be a contravention of the Events Act.”

Charl Oberholzer, Chairperson of the SRC and National Chairperson of AfriForum Youth, says, “We have to make sure pre-Spring Day survives. If one tradition falls away, the rest will quickly follow. Students should support all initiatives that aim to protect student life and its traditions.” AfriForum’s recent petition to save Spring Day, Serrie and Rag was largely criticised by UP management, who dismissed the claims. The university admitted that “pre-Spring Day parties are currently being reconsidered.”

At the moment, UP management is considering the proposal submitted by the SRC. Students will soon be informed whether or not the proposal has been accepted. If the proposal is rejected, pre-Spring Day will be cancelled for this year.

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