The handover serves to assist students from disadvantaged backgrounds and part of the executive committees of societies at the university.

Mr Takalani Tshivhase, a UP alumni from Tuks and a representative from Pinnacle Africa, handed over the laptops to the students.

Tshivhase said, “We take pride in ourselves that we are willingly investing in students.”

Collins Makamu, a second-year BA Theology student and one of the recipients of the laptops, told Perdeby that he was thankful for the opportunity. “We used to go to the open labs to do our assignments,” he said.

“I feel grateful, it’s not every day that you just get a laptop,” said Penny Mahlalela, a third-year BCom Financial Science student.

Another student, Crispen Mulongoti, said, “I am very grateful for being given this opportunity. I’m sure it will be quite helpful in my studies.” Mr Tshivhase added that Pinnacle will probably do this gain.

Photo: Brad Donald

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